Below are Videos for you to enjoy.

This is a 15 min video on a short history of Lake Pleasant & Speculator

This video as about Route 66. A collection of buildings donated to the Historical Society.

This video tells how to find Col. Peck’s Cemetery and a History on all who are buried there.

This video talks about historical posters displayed in the Lane Emporium in Speculator.

This is a video about Snowrollers used in Lake Pleasant & Speculator. This video was used in a display at the Town Museum.

This video is a slideshow of historical winter photos of the local region.

This video is about one of the Historical Society’s events.

This video is about one of the geocaches that the Historical Society hid. Geocaching is one of many ways the Historical Society educates people of their local history.

This is a Christmas Card video from the Historical Society.

This Video is an advertisement made to promote this website.

This video is on a last minute event for French Louie’s 100th Anniversary

This video is about an Iroquois’ Legend with-in our area

These Videos above were taken at the Historical Society’s Heritage Weekend Event 2017. The theme of the event was, “Adirondack Women of Influence” to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Women having the right to vote in New York State. Part of the event was the Women’s Round Table. Here, respectable senior women in Lake Pleasant and Speculator were asked to join together and answer some questions. Here is the result.

These Above Videos are Part 1 & 2 on the History of the Year 1812 in Lake Pleasant. Created by Town Historian, Aaron Weaver.

Above Video is a small collection of maps showing the changes of Hamilton County.

The Video Above Tells the History & Legend of the Rhinelander Estate and Ruins.