One way we teach History, is by placing geocaches in historical locations then write the history on the geocache’s web page. Geocaching is a fun teasure hunt game. All you need to do is goin  for FREE, buy a hand held G.P.S., have some pencils to log into the geocache’s log book, and some dollar store items to trade with other items in the cache box.


Bidwell’s Hotel: (Under Repair)

Fish Mountain:

Girl’s Conservatory:

Holy Moly: (Under Repair)

Jim’s Hill:

Miner’s Cave: (Under Repair)

Newton’s Corner:

Rhinelander’s Haunt: (Under Repair)

Sacandaga Pathway:

South Shore Rest:

We Hotel Three: (Under Repair)

Ye Old Town Hall:

Year Of 1812:

Yennard’s Field:

Here are some more Geocaches located at Historical Land Marks with-in our Communities. These Geocaches are not owned or shared by the Historical Society.

A Grizzly Find at Gilman Lake:

Another Gilman Lake Cache (Swizzle’s Micro 2):


Kiss The Pig:

Route 66:

Speculator Spring: http:

Patriot’s Rest:

Patriot’s Rest 2:

Weaver’s Sugar Bush: