Our History

Learn About our local history. Below is a link to a website full of our History!!

http://historylakespec.wordpress.com/about/ (This Website is still Under Construction!! We might be making a new one in the future)

Check Out Our Videos: HERE!

2 responses to “Our History

  1. I have been in touch with Dr. Eliza Darling and she suggested I look at the Historical Society page for Lake Pleasant and Speculator. I was excited to see that one of the pages under construction is Perkins family. I am researching Orcutt/Heath/Perkins families during the early 1800’s and hoping to find some connections.
    Kendra Schmidt

    • my name is Andrew Perkins. I live in Speculator New York. MY father is Thomas Perkins, Son of Ashley Perkins, son of George Perkins.

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