Here is a list of Historical Markers that the Historical Society has placed with-in Lake Pleasant and Speculator.

Airdville: Located in front of the Airdville Cemetery on State Route 8 in the North Western part of the Town of Lake Pleasant. History of the Airds.  N43 27.307 W074 26.848 (geocache)

Bidwell’s Hotel: (UNDER REPAIR) Located on the Northern part of Gilman Town Road near where the road meets Hamilton County Route 11 (a.k.a South Shore Road). History of a Split Rock. N43 29.406 W047 20.123 (geocache)

Buyce’s Black Smith Shop: In front of Speculator Department Store, Speculator Route 8, just West from the Four Corners of Speculator. History of the Buyce Building. N43 30.087 W074 21.890

CCC Camp: Located on Page Street near the entry off of State Route 8. History of the Camp Buildings. N43 29.134 W074 23.069

Home Guard Militia: Located on Gilman Town Road at the border line of Wells and Lake Pleasant. History of a militia during the War of 1812. N43 27.178 W074.18.940 (geocache)

Lake Pleasant’s House/ Brook’s Hotel: (UNDER REPAIR) In the Village of Speculator just South of the Four Corners of Speculator on Route 8/30 in front of the Speculator Ambulance Building. History of building and the location of French Lewie’s Death. N43 30.080 W074 21.829

Melody Lodge: Located at Melody Lodge off of Rout 30 on the Old Indian Lake Road, heading North to Indian Lake. (geocache)

Methodist Church of Lake Pleasant: Located in front of the Lake Pleasant Methodist Church on route 8 just East from the Hamilton County Buildings. Just West after the Lake Pleasant inlet bridge. N43 28.212 W074. 24.490 (geocache)

Methodist Church of Speculator: In front of the Methodist on Route 8 in the village of Speculator. Just East from the Four Corners of Speculator. N43 30.061 W074 21.922

Military Road: (Stolen Twice) Was located within the Southern entry of Jessup River Road off of route 30 heading North to Indian Lake. History of the War of 1812. (PLEASE RETURN IT TO THE MUSEUM IF YOU HAVE IT!) 

Native American Heritage (State Historical Marker): Located at the Rest Stop, Southern part of Speculator just outside the Southern populated part of the village. Off route 8/30. N43. 29.995 W074 20.544

Peck’s Farm: Located on Hamilton County Route 11 (a.k.a. South Shore Road). In front of the path that leads to Col. Peck’s Grave. (History of an American Revolutionary War Veteran. N 43 28.583 W074 21.393   (geocache)

Rhinelander’s Estate: Located on Elm Lake Road (a.k.a. East Road or School Road) about two miles off the paved road.  N 43 32.517 W074 20.471  (geocache)

Route 66 Buildings: Located behind the Speculator Pavilion across the road from the Village Beach on Route 30 in the Southern part of Village of Speculator. (geocache)

Slack’s Store: Located at the Four Corners of Speculator. Route 30/8 and Elm Lake Road (a.k.a. East Road). Placed in Lane Park, across the road form the Lane Emporium.         N43 30.112 W074 21.830 (geocache)

Sturges House: Located in front of Speculator’s Post Office and the local Bank. At the Four Corners of Speculator. Route 30/8 & Elm Lake Road. N43 30.167 W074 21.874

Town Hall (First): (Seasonal) Located on Route 8 in Speculator, in front of the Town’s Historical Museum, just about 1/2 mile West from the Village of Speculator’s Four Corners. This marker is not seen during the winter months. N43 29.993 W074 21.977 (geocache)