Here is a list of Historical Markers that the Historical Society has placed with-in Lake Pleasant and Speculator.

Airdville: Located in front of the Airdville Cemetery on route 8 in the North Western part of the Town of Lake Pleasant.

Bidwell’s Hotel: Located on the Northern part of Gilman Town Road near where the road meets Hamilton County Route 11 (a.k.a South Shore Road). History of a Split Rock.

Buyce’s Black Smith Shop: In front of Speculator Department Store, Speculator Route 8, just West from the Four Corners of Speculator.

CCC Camp: Located on Page Street near the entry off of route 8.

Home Guard Militia: Located on Gilman Town Road at the border line of Wells and Lake Pleasant. History of a militia during the War of 1812.

Lake Pleasant’s House: In the Village of Speculator just South of the Four Corners of Speculator on Route 8/30 in front of the Speculator Ambulance Building. Location of French Lewie’s Death.

Melody Lodge: Located at Melody Lodge off of Rout 30 on the Old Indian Lake Road, heading North to Indian Lake.

Methodist Church of Lake Pleasant: Located in front of the Lake Pleasant Methodist Church on route 8 just East from the Hamilton County Buildings. Just West after the Lake Pleasant inlet bridge.

Methodist Church of Speculator: In front of the Methodist on Route 8 in the village of Speculator. Just East from the Four Corners of Speculator.

Military Road: Located within the Southern entry of Jessup River Road off of route 30 heading North to Indian Lake. History of the War of 1812.

Native American Heritage (State Historical Marker): Located at the Rest Stop, Southern part of Speculator just outside the Southern populated part of the village. Off route 8/30.

Peck’s Farm: Located on Hamilton County Route 11 (a.k.a. South Shore Road). In front of the path that leads to Col. Peck’s Grave. (History of a american Revolutionary War Veteran.

Rhinelander’s Estate: Located on Elm Lake Road (a.k.a. East Road or School Road) about two miles off the paved road.

Route 66 Buildings: Located behind the Speculator Pavilion across the road from the Village Beach on Route 30 in the Southern part of Village of Speculator.

Slack’s Store: Located at the Four Corners of Speculator. Route 30/8 and Elm Lake Road (a.k.a. East Road). Placed in Lane Park, across the road form the Lane Emporium.

Sturges House: Located in front of Speculator’s Post Office and the local Bank. At the Four Corners of Speculator. Route 30/8 & Elm Lake Road.

Town Hall (First): Located on Route 8 in Speculator, in front of the Town’s Historical Museum, just about 1/2 mile West from the Village of Speculator’s Four Corners. This marker is not seen during the winter months.